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Things you should know about your First Pregnancy

For a new mom the first pregnancy is a unique life experience that should be treasured and enjoyed. Their bodies will be going through a lot of changes, mentally, emotionally and physically. Understanding these changes will help them and their partner prepare for the weeks and months to come.

Most first time mothers-to-be have a lot of questions regarding their pregnancy, which is natural. They will seek advice from the woman closest to them. Who will talk about their own experiences (not always positive).



Physical Changes you will experience in your first Pregnancy

Growing a baby is hard work. During pregnancy you will be affected both by the physical growth of the baby and changes in your hormone levels. Experiencing symptoms such as:

Morning Sickness:

During the first stage of pregnancy nausea and vomiting are common. To reduce this symptoms try eating several small meals and eating bland food (crackers, dry toast, rice).


When pregnant, women’s breasts often get very tender and grow in size. These changes are to prepare the new mom for breastfeeding. Your nipples and areolas will darken early during pregnancy. Some women start lactating even before the baby is born. It is important to wear a bra that fits and supports your breasts properly.


Fatigue is common during pregnancy. Proper exercise, rest, and a balanced diet all can influence a person’s level of tiredness. It may help to take naps daily to recover energy.

As the baby grows, the size of your uterus increases to about 1000x its original size putting strain on the organs that surround it.

Frequent Urination:

Pressure on the bladder means more trips to the bathroom. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to leak urine when they cough or sneeze during their pregnancy. If you have pain when you urinate or a change in urine odor or color, be sure to contact your OBGYN right away in case of bladder infection.

Numbness and Tingling:

Tingling and numbness in your legs and toes comes from the uterus pressing on the nerves of your legs. This is normal and will go away after delivery. You may also notice numbness or tingling in your fingers, especially in the mornings.

How to keep Healthy

First thing to do when a person finds out they are pregnant is quit bad habits, such as smoking and excess drinking. It may seem obvious but you would be surprise how some people don’t consider this.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a concern for many women. Most women worry about putting on weight, but it’s actually necessary for a healthy pregnancy. A good diet is essential for a woman’s health in general especially during a pregnancy. Ask your doctor what proper weight is for your type of body.

Get ready for the babies arrival by attending preconception-counseling sessions with a professional. In these sessions, discuss pregnancy in general and look at your medical history. Also prepare your body and mind to intrude a baby into the world. We suggest scheduling an appointment with a pediatrician at 26-28 wks.

Every woman is different, and will go through pregnancy different. To become better informed about your first pregnancy, seek counseling from your OBGYN as well. The first visit is the best time to ask a lot of questions and discuss any lifestyle changes or restrictions you may need to consider during pregnancy. Based on your particular condition you and your doc will work out a schedule for subsequent appointments. Pregnancy is a blessing, embrace it and cherish it.

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